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Port Marina Minde

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Port Marina Minde

The marina is a marina with 460 moorings on the Danish shore of the Flensburg Fjord. The harbor, founded in 1980, has floating pontoons that balance the fluctuations in the water level. For your own car there is a protected parking space, which is locked overnight. A playground makes the houseboat vacation also for children an experience. At specially designated places, you can gather around the campfire with the whole family or enjoy a leisurely barbecue. Children’s programs such as rafting or crab fishing provide extra entertainment. For the selfie with sunset behind the swinging yacht masts free WiFi is available.


Marinavej 4
6320 Egernsund

A floatplane tour is another way to enjoy the fjord. The aircraft have their home port in Flensburg and can be booked for individual flights. If you prefer to spend your holidays in peace, the fjord is known for a number of fish as an angler’s paradise. This is where trout, garfish, cod, herring, plaice, flounder and turbot can be caught for the evening fish dish. The harbor master and the harbor shop assist in the procurement of the Danish fishing license or anglers’ material. If necessary, you can rent a motor-fishing boat, which may also be driven without a motor boat driver’s license.

Directly at the marina the Gedarmstien (German: Gendarmenpfad) passes. This route connects the two Danish villages of Høruphav and Padborg on 74km. To a large extent, it leads along the Flensburg Fjord. Previously, he served as a duty path of the Danish gendarmerie to control the border. Today the trail forms a hiking trail with beautiful views of the water. The German extension to this is the Fördesteig. This connects to the Gedarmstien and brings the hikers to striking points such as the lighthouse Falshöft or the castle Glücksburg.

The Baltic Sea Cycle Route connects the city of Flensburg with Travemünde on 430km. On request, local rental companies support the journey with a power-saving e-bike. During midsummer, a bike ferry transports the cyclists from the marina directly to Langballigau. It is a small fishing village on the Baltic Sea Cycle Route. From here you can explore the landscapes in the direction of Kiel Bay. Or you choose the way over Flensburg, which brings you back to the marina. On the Danish side, you will come across the Baltic Cycle Route, which will take you along the eastern coastal regions of Denmark.

On a bike tour along the German coast to the east you will come across the nature reserve of the Geltinger Birk at the exit of the Flensburg Fjord. This flat area was formed by constant flooding of sand. To a large extent it is under the seawater game angel and is therefore protected by dikes. Beach lakes, salt marshes and small groves characterize the appearance of the landscape. Migratory birds like to stop here and provide birdwatchers beautiful photo opportunities. Another attraction is the small Koniks. These are wild horses that have adapted over time to life in the marshes and forests.

Gravenstein Castle (Danish: Gråsten Slot) is only a 10-minute drive from the marina. It serves as a summer residence for the Danish royal family every year. During the family’s presence, a solemn changing of the guard in front of the castle will attract attention. The noble guests travel traditionally to the royal yacht Dannebrog, which anchors in Sønderborg. During this period numerous tourists flock to its harbor to see the 1932 yacht. The village of Sønderborg and its beautiful castle (Danish: Sønderborg Slot) can be reached from the marina in about 20 minutes.

On museum tour to Flensburg

The city of Flensburg is half an hour away by car from the marina. Museum visitors will find a historic harbor and the Museumsberg. In the museum harbor anchors the maritime landmark of Flensburg, the saloon steamer Alexandra. In the old Zollpackhaus, the Maritime Museum tells the story of the rum trade, which for a long time was of great importance for the city on the Flensburg Fjord. On the Museumsberg, however, two exhibition sites are united, which deal with the art, cultural and natural history of the Schleswig region. In addition, the city offers the opportunity for a relaxed shopping. The rather unpopular Flensburg points among motorists are now also available as pralines.

In the footsteps of Europe’s most important aristocratic houses

Turning from Flensburg by car or two-wheeler to the east, you will arrive at a splendid moated castle whose white walls are reflected in a large pond. It is Castle Glücksburg, which is considered one of the most important royal castles in Northern Europe. The history of its owners is closely interwoven with the most important aristocratic houses. In the castle museum you will see a collection of tapestries and learn more about the reputation of the castle as the cradle of many European royal houses. Selected pieces of furniture from the time of the Empire and the Biedermeier round off what has been shown.

Experience industrial history in an old brick factory

The high chimney can be seen from afar. Not far from today’s marina, there used to be the largest northern European concentration of brickworks. These burned the coveted yellow and red clinker in their stoves. The brickworks Cathrinesminde (Danish: Cathrinesminde Teglvæerksmuseum) shows a well-preserved ring furnace from 1892. The size of the furnace impresses with an area of ​​no less than 481m². A building with reconstructed workers’ housing also provides insights into the living and living conditions of the brick workers. You will discover further traces of the once mighty brick industry on a hiking trail that starts directly at the museum.

Try a Danish hot dog from Annie’s kiosk

Few food stalls gain such fame as Annie’s in the Danish village of Sønderhav. This is located, 15 minutes by car from the marina, halfway to Flensburg. Originally, the stall was directly between the road and the water of the fjord. At that time, both motorists and boaters were supplied with delicious food. Today, the renewed kiosk is across the street. The coveted Danish hot dog is still there. In this a red sausage (Danish: Rød pølse) is garnished in a roll with mustard, remoulade, cucumber slices and onions.

While you enjoy your hot dog with other hikers, cyclists and bikers and look at the small islands in the fjord, discover one of the meanings of the Danish word “hyggelig”: spend a comfortable time together. You can already look forward to this feeling when you decide on a houseboat holiday in Marina Minde.

Marina Minde – your houseboat holiday in two countries

With a houseboat in the Marina Minde you can spend your holidays directly at the Flensburg Fjord and thus at the intersection of two nations. While you get to the bottom of the secret of the Danish national spirit “hyggelig” in the hinterland of the harbor, you will experience the natural beauties of the German peninsula Holnis on the other side of the water. This divides the fjord in the outer fjord in the east and in the inner fjord in the southwest. At the end, Flensburg awaits you with a large shopping center with fascinating maritime sights.

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